Meet Rhonda


img_1269Hello friends, I’m so happy you decided to follow my blog.  My passion is to share with you all of the life lessons I’ve learned and to encourage and empower you to live a life in Balance and InTune!

I believe that being InTune with Yourself is the SECRET to Work-Life Balance. It’s about Health, Wellness, Wholeness, Passion and Purpose.

A little about me … my father (A Navy man!) passed away when I was 2 years old of a Navy related injury and my mother who was 19 years old raised me. I am an only child (not spoiled because we were poor and I had to fight for a lot!)  We moved every year and I went to about 7 different schools. I learned to make friends quickly and figured out about all of the different personality traits of people!

I’m a wife to an amazing husband of 35 years, a mother of 4 grown children with 2 grandchildren and a 3rd on the way.

IMG_2682.jpg I had this yearning to go to college and make something of myself because  my environment was not a good one and I knew early on that I had to figure it out!  So I enrolled in the local community college and got a job working there as a secretarial assistant to the Professor of English while I attended.  I met my husband in my Psychology class there when we were both 18 1/2 years young and we have been together ever since!

We both decided we wanted to attend a better university.  I graduated from college when I was 24 years young with a Bachelor of Science in Business Education from DePaul University focusing on Computer Science .  I taught college and did computer consulting work for 7 years while raising our first 2 children.  I always had a strong desire and passion to learn, and expand my knowledge in all kinds of subject matter.    I wrote the training manuals for the classes I taught and even had one published years ago!!!  I’ve always had the desire to write!

Rhonda_guitarWhile raising 4 children, I held various part time jobs from owning a custom design drapery business, to working as a Worship/Communications Director full time at my church for several years.  I also wrote music and created videos to go along with my songs.  While not perfect, I decided just to take the plunge and do some recording.

You can check them out on my personal youtube channel YouTube Rhonda Fister

I helped my husband flip houses as I had also went to school for interior design!  With a passion for serving others, I volunteered in church and humanitarian events, helping and mentoring women find their purpose and passion. I’m what they call a renaissance soul!

What is a renaissance soul you might ask? As outlined in her book, Renaissance Soul: How to Make Your Passions Your Life, Margaret Lobenstine defines Renaissance Souls as those whose passion is divided among many different interests. They don’t stick to one thing, but are constantly finding new activities and subject areas to throw themselves into. One day it’s gardening, another day it’s engineering. But the Renaissance Soul doesn’t do these things on a mere whim: they truly immerse themselves in whatever has struck their fancy.

coverphoto_blondetravelerYou can check out my Instagram Page The Blonde Blue Eyed Traveler.

I came to a point in my life when my daughter was about ready to graduate high school (the last child!) that I wanted a career and life change! We always knew that one day we were going to move to a warmer climate and get out of the blustering winters of Chicago.  So with a vision and a dream, I kept pursuing and visualizing. I updated my resume and sent it out on Linkedin and quickly made connections and took a job in Naples, Florida at a kitchen and bath showroom as the Showroom Manager. I was living in paradise!

IMG_7277We sold our house and moved (of course there is a lot more to it which I won’t bore you with)!  Yes, there was a lot of chaos for about a year, it was very exhausting, but, we did it by the grace of God!

I realized after a few months of working as the manager, that it was not for me, I was bored to tears, I needed more!

I enrolled myself in school AGAIN! I have always been fascinated with health and wellness, and had a huge interest in skincare.  I went to school to get my Esthetics Skincare License in the state of Florida.

While attending school, we found a house that needed a total remodel, one of our favorite things to do, so we both devoted our time to fixing it and getting it ready.  We then took a big leap of faith and bought a Medical Spa that was for sale.  The first year was very difficult but now I am in my 3rd year of owning it and am able to branch off into my other areas of passion!  You can check out my spa Euro Spa of Naples.

As you can see, I lead a very full life and at times feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride or a clown juggling an act in the circus…LOL!   But then I  say “not my circus, not my monkey.”  For me and I’m sure you would agree,  that we all need BALANCE.  I’ve learned through all of the challenges in my 57 years of life the steps needed to live a life in balance and INTUNE!  Although I may lose sight at times and get lost in the business and craziness, I always retreat back to the basic principles of how to get myself back InTune!

Take-the-first-step-in-faith.-You-dont-have-to-see-the-whole-staircase-just-take-the-first-stepAn InTune life starts with YOU!  It’s a lifestyle choice to commit to taking care of YOU! It’s a journey, adventure and a mindset!  I want you to become the BEST YOU that YOU can be!  My goal is to share with YOU all of my expertise, experience and wisdom that I’ve found along my journey.  I hope you will be encouraged and excited to have an InTune life full of passion and purpose!